Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol HD

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

MIssion Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol (2011) ปฎิบัติการไร้เงา

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol IMF Agent Trevor Hanaway is murdered in Budapest. Sabine Moreau murders Hanaway, and steals the file that contains Russian launch codes and sells it to a man named “Cobalt”.

Ethan Hunt , an IMF agent, has been imprisoned in an Moscow jail to get Bogdan, a source for information on Cobalt. With the help of Jane Carter, Hanaway’s handler and recently appointed field agent Benji Dunn, Hunt and Bogdan make their escape. Hunt is given the task by the IMF to infiltrate the Kremlin in order to obtain information about Cobalt. Hunt’s team is forced leave the mission after an insider exposes them. A bomb destroys much of the Kremlin. Carter and Dunn escape but Hunt is taken prisoner and is was charged with murder by SVR agent Anatoly Sidorov with the destruction of the Kremlin.

Hunt escapes and has a meeting with the IMF Secretary who is in Moscow with his aide and the analyst for intelligence, William Brandt. Russian authorities reprimand Hunt and tell him that the President initiated the “Ghost Protocol”. They disavow the IMF however, in secret Hunt is ordered to continue his search for Cobalt. Hunt is captured by Sidorov’s troops who kill the Secretary. Hunt escapes with Brandt and they regroup together with Carter and Dunn to consolidate their intelligence. Brandt and Hunt confirm Cobalt as Kurt Hendricks, a Swedish-born Russian nuclear strategist, who seeks to initiate the process of launching a nuclear conflict between the U.S. and Russia. Hendricks used the Kremlin bombing to cover his theft of an Russian launch control device. He is now planning to trade with Moreau at Burj Khalifa in Dubai to try to obtain the required launch codes. Hendricks plans to use Leonid Lisenker, a cryptographer who was abducted by Hendricks his right-hand man, Wistrom, to authenticate the codes.

The IMF team intercepts the launch codes through faking the two meetings: Hunt and Brandt pose as Wistrom and Lisenker to receive the codes from Moreau One floor down, Carter poses as Moreau, passing counterfeit codes to Wistrom and Lisenker. After some planning, which includes Hunt climbing the outside of the Burj Khalifa to access the server, the IMF team implement their plan. But, since Lisenker can actually authenticate the code, Hunt is forced to pass him real ones, relying on radioactive isotopes within the paper to track Wistrom later. Wistrom is killed by Lisenker in preemptive and flees in the dust storm. Hunt, Sidorov and Carter then capture Hunt, killing Moreau to end their lead.

With the help of Bogdan, Ethan finds a new avenue of opportunity by negotiating with an arms dealer The Fog as Carter and Dunn fight Brandt who was fighting with unusual skills in Dubai. Brandt admits that he demanded to be dismissed from work following his assignment to a bodyguard detail and failing to protect Julia Meade, Ethan’s former wife. Hunt was imprisoned following the Serbian criminals who had killed her turned up dead.

The Fog guides Ethan towards Mumbai which is where Hendricks is set to negotiate with Indian media businessman Brij Nath to gain control over an outdated Soviet military satellite. Hendricks is stopped by the IMF team. Carter seduces Nath to get the satellite override codes. Hunt, Brandt, and Dunn attempt to block Hendricks from using Nath’s radio station. They’re not able to stop them since Hendricks has already sent the launch codes to an Russian Delta III-class nuclear submarine to launch an missile towards San Francisco, and also disabled Nath’s computer systems. Carter, Brandt and Dunn fight to bring the system back online to send the code to override, during which they battle of wits with Wistrom, who is eventually killed by Dunn. Hunt follows Hendricks to the vending machine, where they engage in a fight. Hendricks jumps to his death with the launch device just before the missile strikes. Brandt’s team gets the systems online and Hunt makes a risky fall to stop the missile, while the dying Hendricks is watching. Sidorov is able to confirm that the IMF wasn’t the target of the Kremlin bombing.

The group meets in Seattle following Ethan takes on a new mission from Luther Stickell. Ethan learns that Brandt has admitted to Julia about his inability protect her. Ethan however, discloses the truth about her “death” as well as the murder of the Serbians were part of a plot to create a new identity. It also served as a cover story to let him infiltrate the prison in order to bring out Bogdan. Brandt is relieved and accepts the mission and is appointed an agent once again. In the meantime, Julia arrives at the harbor and Ethan and Julia are able to smile at one another from afar. Ethan leaves as he watches as the IMF informs him about the terrorist group called “The Syndicate”.


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